The easiest way to rent a cell phone in Japan! Japan is now open to visitors again, but we are sorry to say that we will not open again.

Whether you are coming to Japan for business or pleasure, a rental mobile / cell phone helps you keep
in touch with your contacts in Japan and back home.

Our goal is to provide a quality mobile / cell phone rental service at the lowest rates.
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Our rental charge is Yen 3900 for one week and Yen 300 per day after that, with lower rates after 20 days. Call charges are Yen 45 to the US and from Yen 35/min in Japan - much cheaper than other rental services. Unlike most other companies, there are no hidden extras for shipping, handling, tax, etc. Don't be fooled by other rental services (especially those with rental phone counters at Narita Airport) which offer very low cost rental but then grossly overcharge for calls.
For more details see : Rental and call charges

We can send a rental phone to your accommodation in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or any other part of Japan ; to your home or office abroad ; or to Narita , Kansai or other airports for you to pick up there.

With our rental mobile / cell phones you can use your own SIM or the Japanese SIM we send with the phone
Your own mobile / cell phone won't work in Japan if it is GSM only as Japan does not use GSM.
Even if you can use your phone in Japan, both receiving and making calls will be very expensive.
For details see : Using foreign phones in Japan.
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by e-mail by phone : (10 am - 6 pm Japan time)
by fax: +81-75-496-8187

from overseas : +81-75-212-0842
in Japan (toll free): 0120- 746487