Here are some of the compliments we have received from customers recently.
They speak for themselves about the quality of our service.

"The total cost was much lower than I had expected and the convenience of having it delivered to the hotel and drop off at the airport postal office was perfect. Also the detail of the charges was easy to understand."
MS 14 Apr 2011

"I really admire your company's efficiency and down-to-earth style."
ZD 31 Mar 2011

"I just wanted to let you know again that the cel phone and, especially, the Pocket WiFi were invaluable during the latter portion of my trip. I arrived in Tokyo Station on the night of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake. "
JW 26 Mar 2011

"The Pocket wifi was the best idea ever! We used it to navigate in the cities and connect to our social networks."
AP 23 Mar 2011

"I was absolutely satisfied by the service and your professionalism."
AV 18 Feb 2011

"I was relieved to know my teenage son could contact me when we were separated...."
TM 26 Jan 2011

"Just a note to thank you for your excellent service. With the floods in Australia while we were visiting Japan, our need for phone contact with home was greater than we could have anticipated."
FS 26 Jan 2011

"You have a great service! The ordering process was easy and clear, I received exactly what I expected, and right on time, and instructions for use were simple and straightforward. The wifi worked perfectly. Your inclusion of return packaging and postage made that part easy as well. And your prices are better than what I found elsewhere.
Plus you rapidly and clearly responded to my inquiries. Highly recommended!"
MW 6 Jan 2011

"Thank you very much for the excellent service. The device was quite reliable and met my needs well. Will call on yr help again!"
MK 5 Jan 2011

"The phone was very useful and convenient with on-line reservation and hotel delivery, and the service was excellent."
KR 29 Dec 2010

"Thanks so much for the convenience your rental process brought to us during our trip. I certainly plan to recommend your service to others that plan to rent keitai during their stay in Japan."
GD 30 Nov 2010

"Thank you for your terrific services. The phones were a great convenience, delivered on time, and straightforward to use."
TK 26 Nov 2010

"I was totally pleased with your product and service. You made it very affordable and convenient for me to keep in touch with my friends and family while my wife and I vacationed in Tokyo."
BC 15 Oct 2010

"Your service was outstanding, and we will be recommending you to other travellers."
DS 6 Sept 2010

"The phone was very very useful and your service most efficient."
SW 20 Aug 2010

"Extraordinarily reasonable rate, prompt e-mails, and much appreciated convenience of being able to both receive the telephone at the location I was staying and of being able to easily mail back."
CS 7 Aug 2010

"my dealings with your company have been exemplary and I commend you and your colleagues for the outstanding service and I received. Your help was invaluable, and having the phones to use made my time in Japan SO much smoother."
KC 2 July 2010

"You all have a fantastic product, and couldn't be more convenient!"
KI 23 June 2010

"the phone was very useful and the instructions were simple. I would definitely recommend it to others."
UR 15 June 2010

"Thank you for your super-efficient service!"
LJ 13 June 2010

"I was not sure how the service would work from the time I got to Japan, but the phone arrived at the hotel as requested; the phone was ready to use and the user instructions were pretty easy to understand.
If you want any kind of recommendation about your service, I would be happy to do so."
AT 10 June 2010

"Thank you again for the excellent service. The phone made my accommodation much easier to arrange and made me feel much safer travelling alone."
SH 8 June 2010

"The phone was very usefly and saved me thousands of dollars. I have used your system many times now and I am very impressed."
RC 29 May 2010

"Many thanks for the detailed bill and the service. The phone was reliable, the delivery and return convenient and the price reasonable. I'll recommend your service to anyone visiting Japan."
AM 27 May 2010

"It was great to have made use of your service, you really made a difference to my travel experience.
Instead of feeling really far from home, I felt totally connected so I could enjoy Japan at the fullest without feeling disconnected."
IJ 25 May 2010

"As always your service was outstanding and the phone invaluable.
Many thanks for providing this option and making my trips to Japan so much more productive (and less expensive!)."
MD 22 May 2010

"Just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for great service, phone was here waiting for me when I arrived and its really useful."
JL 19 May 2010

"It was absolutely invaluable having my Rentafone phone while in Japan - thank you so much for offering this great service! I will recommend it to all my friends travelling to Japan, and I will definitely use it the next time I visit (soon, I hope!)."
BC 21 Apr 2010

"The phone was really useful (in facilitating my holiday romance amongst other things....).
Made me feel practically like a local sitting on the Yamanote line emailing with my sleek black flip model.
I just wish UK phones were so well designed."
PR 15 Apr 2010

 "I was totally happy with you service. The phone arrived on time and it worked perfectly. No problems.
I loved being able to keep it till i returned to the airport and just put it in a mailbox."
MN 15 Apr 2010

 "The phone was great and service so simple. I will not hesitate to recommend you guys in the future."
RK15 Apr 2010

"Great service, attention to detail was super. Would highly recommend anyone visiting Japan to use your service."
JY28 Mar 2010

"I must commend and thank you for the wonderful and most convenient service from 'Renatafone Japan'. For the last several years I have really enjoyed renting from your service, it makes my life so much easier while in Japan."
AK 25 Mar 2010

"The phones were really helpful, everyone appreciated having them. We really liked how easy it was to organise the phones. Picking them up and dropping them off at the hotel reception was a fantastic service."
BM 27 Feb 2010

"The phone was both very helpful for my daughter and comforting to both my wife and I knowing that we were able to contact her and she had the service during her stay.
Thank you again for a great service and product. We will definitely recommend Rentafone Japan to anyone traveling to Japan."
VK4 Feb 2010

"Next time when I will come to Japan, I hope to use your excellent service again!"
KK20 Jan 2010

"The instructions were extremely clear and helpful. Thank you for a wonderful service. I will certainly be using your services again on return trips to Japan and I would recommend you to anyone who needs a phone."
MC 22 Dec 2009

"Thank you for your wonderful service. The phones saved me and my travelling mates numerous times from being lost and made it simple to keep in contact with our families back home. I will be sure to recommend your company to any of my friends visiting Japan."
SS 22 Dec 2009

"thanks...I will always recommend youir service...easy to use,great phone..thank you so much."
HB 9 Dec 2009

"this is the second time I've used Rentafone Japan and was very pleased with the quality of service :)"
LT 2 Dec 2009

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with your service.
You answered my repeated questions immediately and everything happened exactly as indicated on our correspondence before travel."
DW 1 Dec 2009

"Absolutely brilliant, would recommend to anyone visiting Japan, phone was at Hotel waiting for me, even though booked 2 days previously, calls very cheap and worked throughout Tokyo and Yokohama."
IR 27 Nov 2009

"Just a brief note to tell you how pleased I am with your service. Everything beautifully handled and working great."
LA 18 Nov 2009

"i want to thank you for the provided service - i am very pleased with how easy and affordable it is to be reachable in japan with a japanese phone number."
AE 14 Nov 2009

"I loved having the phone during our tour in Japan, it really came in handy."
IC 10 Nov 2009

"The phone was of great help. An worked nearly everywhere very well. A great sound quality, better than a cellphone in germany."
TB 7 Nov 2009

"Everything was delivered as promised and in a very efficient and timely manner."
KE 27 Oct 2009

"The phones were invaluable during our month in Japan. Seeing us using them, a number of friends who live in Japan made a note to remember Rentafone for future reference. The email for a mere 300 yen was especially useful."
SC 17 Oct 2009

"The phone and service were tremendous. I'll definitely use the service if I'm in Japan again and will definitely recommend it to anyone who's traveling there."
PW 17 Oct 2009

"The phone was so helpful - what a brilliant service you offer."
JP 16 Oct 2009

"Thank you for the phone during my stay it was very useful and saved me lots of money on my normal phone."
SD 16 Oct 2009

"Your service is wonderful. Everything worked out wonderfully. It was waiting at the hotel for us, just as requested and the return was easy."
GP 12 Oct 2009

"It is a pleasure to do business with your company again, and I plan to do so again next year."
GL 3 Oct 2009

"Your service was exceptional! I would highly recommend to my friends and use you again whenever I go to Japan"
SL 30 Sept 2009

"Just wanted to thank you for the great service. They were here when we arrived to our hotel. Again, I appreciate you getting me the phones even on short notice. We used your company the last time we were in Japan and will continue to do so in the future and let our friends know as well."
EM 27 Sept 2009

"Many thanks for your excellent service and attention to every detail. Well thought out, and all necessary support and action for pick up and delivery plus extending call credit as and when required during my stay."
DT 22 Sept 2009

"Again, I would recommend to anyone to do business with you, good price/service/quality."
RL 11 Sept 2009

"Using your phone was a very positive experience. It waited to me in the front desk."
AP 11 Sept 2009

"I found the phone brilliant, easy to use. The call quality to Australia was equal to or better than within Australia. The connect time was actually QUICKER than in Australia. Worth every cent. The delivery & receiving system you have worked perfectly, the Post Office at the Airport was the easiest place to find."
PB 9 Sept 2009

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the service you provided. My friend also rented a phone for the same period and the whole process worked exactly as described for both of us. I will definitely come back to you next time I’m in Japan and will recommend you to anyone else I know that visits."
SG 9 Sept 2009

"I like the way your business is run."
LK 6 Sept 2009

"Thanks for organizing everything seamlessly. We appreciate your service."
SE 25 Aug 2009

"Excellent service as always. I couldn`t manage without it."
GG 22 Aug 2009

"The ease in preordering, the delivery of the phone, the returning of the phone made the whole process effortless."
MF 20 Aug 2009

"We just wanted to send a note that we really enjoyed the use of your rent a phone and service. It was perfect for our need and so simple to pick it up at our first hotel."
BG 8 Aug 2009

"Very happy with the service, will surely recommend you to my friends"
BS 14 July 2009

"We found this to be a very helpful, simple to use service and I will definitely recommend it in my report for the travel company I work for and to others who plan to travel to Japan in the future."
VN 17 June 2009

"I found the delivery and return via post to be very convenient, the quality of the service to be excellent, and the price outstanding for a short-term rental."
RM 6 June 2009

"Your phone was invaluable, to say the least. A couple of times, my students called me for help when they got "misplaced", and I managed to make some reservations as we went along. Simply it was the perfect solution."
CN 28 May 2009

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