Here are some of the compliments we have received from customers recently.
They speak for themselves about the quality of our service.

the router worked wonderfully! We look forward to renting again next year! :)
EN 29 Mar 2018

I will be happy to use Rentafone Japan again when I hopefully return to Japan some day, and also be happy to recommend your service to others. The WIFI was delivered in hotel Keikyu Ex Inn on short notice and as promised, and it was easy to return the WIFI with your readymade envelope.
MU 17 Mar 2018

The pocket wifi was essential for us. It is an excellent service you provide.
LK 15 Feb 2018

Phone was super useful and will recommend your service to friends traveling to Japan! :)
CS 10 Jan 2018

We enjoyed the use of your phone during the Hokkaido part of our trip to Japan, and appreciate the services you have provided to us. We look forward to using your services again in the next year.
DF 4 Dec 2017

The pocket WiFi was extremely useful and your company made the whole process extremely simple!
AN 21 Nov 2017

The device was excellent, as was the service. We will be using you again in February and recommending you to friends.
KM 18 Oct 2017

I was most pleased with your product and service. I will definitely rent again.
HC 27 Sep 2017

It is such a pleasure to arrive at the hotel in Japan and have the phone right in my room, ready to use. I will definitely be using your service in the future.
KL 28 Aug 2017

The wifi was very convenient and helped make my Japan trip 10x better.
JJ 30 Jul 2017

it was incredibly useful and I am grateful that I was able to read about your service before I arrived in Japan.
KH 26 Jun 2017

It was exceedingly useful during our stay and we will definitely be recommending you.
DL 6 Jun 2017

I have been a customer for ten years, always simple to use and good service.
PH 2 Jun 2017

The pocket wifis were incredibly useful and I wish we had such devices in the US!
RB 17 May 2017

I have to tell you how wonderful the pocket WiFi worked while I was in Japan. It worked well wherever I was, even on the Shinkansen and the phone came in handy because it would have been hard to find a pay phone now a days. I was able to travel worry free.
NE 2 May 2017

You provide a very good service and the pocket wifi really was handy. The internet service was much more reliable than most of free wifi hotspots in public places.
RL 19 Apr 2017

Your system is very good, and it makes it easier for me to contact, and being contacted during my stay in Japan.
KV 13 Apr 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Japan, and the pocket WiFi helped make that possible.
NH 11 Apr 2017

i will certainly recommend your company for anyone inquiring about wifi in japan. the hotel delivery and postal box drop off are a nice touch.
RA 1 Apr 2017

You went that extra mile in terms of customer care, it was something you just wouldn't get from others and I will certainly recommend your service to other would-be visitors to Japan.
GG 24 Mar 2017

I just wanted to thank you for supplying me with my pocket wifi at a convenient pickup location. I would like you to know I enjoyed pocket wifi and will rent again when I come to visit Japan.
ST 23 Mar 2017

" The pocket wifi was so useful, it helped us to gain a lot of time in Tokyo!
MV 16 Feb 2017

Like my previous trips to Japan and use of your company, Rentafone never disappoints.
RM 18 Jan 2017

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