Rental Details-Rental Phone Charges

Rental Charges

All phones
First week or part
Yen 3900 (approx. US$39)
After 7 days, up to 20 days
Yen 300 per additional day
After 20 days
Yen 100 per additional day
[call charges are not included]


Apart from the above charges, there are no extra charges for tax,
handling, or shipping within Japan - all are included in the rental charge

Japan is now open to visitors again, but we are sorry to say that we will not open again.

Call Charges

Call Charges (airtime) per 6 seconds using the Japanese SIM we send with the phone-

  outgoing incoming
Within Japan from Yen 3.5  (see below) free
Overseas (using 006610 dialing code)
USA   Yen 4.5 free
Australia Yen 7 free
UK/France/Germany  Yen 5 free


We use Softbank Mobile prepaid / pay-as-you-go phones.
We make a note of the credit balance (minutes available for calls) when we send phones - and inform you- then when we get phones back, we check the remaining credit balance, calculate how much you have used, and bill you for that.

You can easily check how much credit is left yourself, and so how much you have used, following instructions with the phone.
Phones are delivered with sufficient credit for most users- around Yen 20,000 ($200 US)- if the credit balance runs low, just contact us to add credit.  Of course you will only be billed for what you use.

Notes about calling charges

The Softbank Mobile prepaid rate within Japan is Yen 9 per 6 secs to both landlines and mobiles, which is relatively expensive.....
To help our customers, we program our phones with a discount calling card: just dial 006610 in front of the number and calls within Japan will be at the discount rate of Yen 3.5 per 6 secs to landlines / Yen 5.5 per 6 secs to cell phones.
For example, calling Tokyo 03-3333-3333, if you call 006610-03-3333-3333 it will be at the discount rate of Yen 3.5 per 6 secs or Yen 35 per minute. 006610 is also the prefix for international calls- to call the USA 1-808-808-8008, call 006610-1-808-808-8008.
This 006610-prefix is programmed into our phones for easy calling , and is also on the back of phones.
There are therefore in fact two prepaid credit balances in our phones - for Softbank Mobile prepaid and for the 006610-prefix (international as well as discount domestic calls).
Note that using the 006610 prefix, your phone number will not be displayed on the screen of the phone you call.
If you need it to appear on the screen of the number you call : for domestic calls you will need to dial directly and use the Softbank Mobile prepaid balance ; for overseas calls dial either 010 or + in front of the country code (this is much more expensive for most countries - e.g. (per 30 secs) : US Yen 39 ; Canada Yen 49 ; Australia Yen 99 ; UK / France / Germany Yen 119)

Please note that with prepaid phones it is impossible to provide a call-by-call breakdown of charges (this applies to both the Softbank Mobile prepaid balance and the 006610 discount / international balance).

Japan is now open to visitors again, but we are sorry to say that we will not open again.

E-mail / texting costs

With simple activation - call 1400 and press 41#  when you hear “main menu”- you can send/receive e-mails to/from computers in Japan and overseas (this information is also included with phones).
Yen 300 will be deducted from the Softbank Mobile prepaid balance (and every month if you are renting long-term) - apart from that there is no charge for sending /receiving e-mails.

Note that Japanese phones have an e-mail address (linked to the phone number)- you can text  to a phone using the recipient's phone number only with the same carrier (in the case of our phones - Softbank). 
With the phones we use, you should be able to receive SMS texts from phones abroad (for free), but not send (with some Japanese phones, you can send SMS abroad, but the cost is high- roughly that of a two- minute call so we consider it not worthwhile to set up). You cannot access the internet with these phones.

Many people are unaware that you can also send e-mail to US phones,  and those of some other countries,  as long as your know which carrier the recipient uses.
For more details see -
NB- The text of the e-mail must be short - under 160 characters, and have no html /attachments.


Generally we ask customers to pay by credit card.