We often get requests from customers for information about hotels in Japan.
Whilst most people have made a hotel booking by the time they order a phone from us, quite often potential customers ask us for advice at the beginning of their travel preparations.
About 70% of our customers ask for their phones to be delivered to hotels, and we have sent to about 1000 different hotels nationwide (mainly in Tokyo). Through checking hotel websites for addresses and speaking to hotel staff, we have gained some experience of the hotel industry in Japan, and can often find a cheaper offer than the customer can.
Many visitors on business will have their hotel chosen for them by their company or their business contact in Japan. For others, choosing a hotel among the vast array on offer can pose a challenge.

Currently we offer two services free of charge to Rentafone Japan customers:

A) for customers who know where they want to stay, when ordering a phone , or before, they can ask us to make them a reservation at the best rate we can find. At the bottom of the order form, or by e-mail, just write, for example "please book me a single room at Hotel XYZ for the night of ... and ..."

B) for customers who need advice about where to stay, let us know ... - the city (and if possible the area of the city - for example , if you are coming to Tokyo on business, which area your contacts are in ). - whether you are coming to Japan on business or pleasure. - the type of hotel you desire (deluxe ; high-end business ; standard business / tourist ; budget ). - Western-style or Japanese (sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor; often with shared bathroom). - any special notes (e.g. coming with a family / smoking room necessary / internet connection needed). ... and we will be happy to make recommendations from our database (then you can book yourself or we can do for you if you prefer).

For reference, here are the 20 most popular hotels for our customers in Tokyo - almost all are high-end business hotels(click on the name to get to the website):


ANA InterContinental
Dai Ichi Hotel
Grand Hyatt
Hyatt Regency ( formerly called Century Hyatt )
Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa
Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka
Imperial Hotel
Keio Plaza
Pacific (formerly called Le Meridien Pacific )
New Otani
Palace Hotel
Park Hotel
Park Hyatt
Prince Hotel Shinagawa
Shibuya Excel Tokyu
Royal Park Hotel